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Friday, February 4, 2011

Thoughts on the EOBR Mandate

I have been asked to comment on the EOBR mandate. Normally, we comment on those things that are important to our clients, and the EOBR mandate will in no way affect their strategy or operations. However, this EOBR mandate is so important that we need to comment.

Reliable news is important. Avery Vise from CCJ is one of the best reporters in our business, I recommend any article he writes. You will have the opportunity to comment if you wish, in the same manner that our clients are currently commenting on the proposed changes to the Hours of Service rules. You need to stay informed. Avery's first article after the release of the proposal is at

The EOBR mandate will dramatically change our industry, which provides telematics and software to the trucking industry. As when deregulation hit the trucking industry in 1982, there will be good players and bad players, some will survive and many will fail. It is important for fleets to pick the appropriate technology partner.

We had the opportunity to study this matter at length during a company meeting in Madison WI this week. I have included pictures from our afternoon team-building exercise on Wednesday - extricating our trucks from the parking lot. Some companies sit around and stare at their navel for inspiration, we drive trucks and shovel snow. I have been involved in this business for 23 years; as a fleet manager running the Tripmaster system from 1988 to 1994, and on the supplier side of the fence since 1994. This mandate is not exactly a surprise - it has been on the NTSB's "Most Wanted" list since 1990. I served on committees dating back to 2001 that discussed and provided input on this same topic. There are many divergent opinions on this matter, many of these opinions on both sides of the debate have merit. As for and those fleets running the transportation system - it all simply does not matter.

Fleets buy because it makes clear financial sense. Some fleets may buy less expensive and less robust products simply for electronic logs - but not our clients. includes the best EOBR solution I have seen, but it's only a small part of the entire system. Fleets look to cut emissions, save fuel, enhance driver productivity, perform smarter routing, enable intelligent dispatch, save administrative costs, comply with regulations, intelligently bid on new business, and analyze their financial performance with Some fleets are only interested in doing the bare minimum - and those fleets will not be doing business with us. If you are reading this - you are likely a client. And, you do business in a different manner. We want to do business with fleets like you, those who plan and execute strategies that create sustainable profits and growth.

Even though our company will not be commenting or taking a position on this matter, we will take any questions from you regarding this very important topic. Contact us and we'll share our knowledge and resources.

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