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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who is responsible for your company's success?

Of course - it's you. However, you may not be acting like it. If you purchased a service or product (even thinking that it can transform your company with no fundamental change in behavior - you are shifting responsibility away from yourself to this product or service.

You can buy the best hoping to simplify your office, organize your dispatch, help your drivers be accountable, fill in the blank with anything. But, it takes more. Some ideas that have helped me are:
  1. Nothing good happens without effort. Work, learn, and be rock-solid consistent.
  2. Once isn't enough. Don't turn your attention to your newly-purchased product or service only when things go bad and you need answers.
  3. Keep a journal. Make notes, keep a spreadsheet, write a document. Make your own learning ledger of training notes and good ideas.
  4. Find a partner, someone using the same product or service you can share ideas with.
If you have other ideas, I would like to hear them - let me know.

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