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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why EOBR's?

Even though we have a modern technical guideline for the technical aspects of EOBR's in 395.16, there is uncertainty about the implementation of an EOBR mandate.  In fact, the only certainty is uncertainty.  We are fairly certain there will be a delay in the implementation of 395.16 - but how long is anyone's guess. 

We have focused on the regulatory aspects of EOBR's - now let's focus on the business aspects.  There is no widely-deployed, industry accepted pure EOBR.  Instead, systems include EOBR functionality but also include lots of other stuff.  It is this additional functionality that gives fleets their return on investment.  A very important side benefit is the safety and ease of regulatory compliance. 

I recommend you read this EOBR white paper.  It was written in 2006, and published on numerous web sites as well as in Transport Topics as an editorial.  Until we have a mandate, it's applicable to our current situation.   

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