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Thursday, July 28, 2011 New Postal Compliance Audit Report

If you were in today's HCR webinar, you saw the new Postal Compliance Audit Report. This new tool, to be released next week, will allow you to spend your time running your business - and less time determining your USPS compliance.

The USPS is serious about compliance with the GPS mandate on applicable highway contracts. And, as more HCR's are released, more have the GPS clause.

This new postal compliance tool is unique - because it compares your actual data to USPS data. You can easily see and manage:
  • Trips that are being run differently from the USPS schedule. Are drivers running them out of order, are they being dispatched incorrectly, or is the USPS headquarters not updated on its own latest service change?
  • Is the USPS expecting trip data that you are not sending?
  • Are you sending trip data that the USPS has no record of requesting?
  • Are drivers properly logging in and running their routes?
Watch for more webinars on this subject. We'll also be holding sessions at the NSRMCA conference in Baltimore on August 7-11.

Contact us to set up an appointment in Baltimore, or for information on our next webinar.

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